What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injuries?

Personal Injuries

Many different kinds of accidents that occur could be considered a personal injury accident. As long as another party’s negligence is a factor, you can pursue compensation for the damages you’ve incurred from personal injuries.

In the Big Apple, these are the most common types of personal injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents are by far among the most common types of personal injuries that occur in Manhattan. Distracted driving is commonly the cause behind these accidents that leave victims with serious injuries, some that unfortunately become fatal.

Other reasons these accidents occur is from speeding, colliding at intersections, recklessness, and driving under the influence. Truck accidents are among the worst since the sheer size and weight of a commercial vehicle can bring forth even more destruction. Typically, these will result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other internal organ damages.

Workplace Accidents

Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, your employer has a legal duty to keep the premises safe. Even in the safest of circumstances, accidents happen for a variety of reasons at the workplace from falling off ladders to repetitive stress injuries.

Your employer is required to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover you for injuries or illnesses as a measure of protection. Sometimes though, unscrupulous employers may shirk this responsibility. The insurer they use may even frivolously deny your claim. There are also circumstances when an employer does everything right though a third party is to blame for your injuries. For these instances, a personal injury attorney is recommended to help you get your compensation.

Dog Bites

Dogs may be considered man’s best friend, until they bite or attack. If you are bitten by someone’s dog in New York, the owner of that dog will be considered negligent. This state has a very strict liability rule that will allow you to pursue compensation for your medical treatment and related expenses from this personal injury.

Assault and Other Intentional Torts

There is one rare exception for personal injuries that do not involve negligence. These are intentional acts such as assault. With personal injuries like these, there will usually be criminal proceedings as well, but you can file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries in these situations.

Slip and Fall Accidents

You may picture a slip and fall accident occurring with an elderly person, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Older people are by far the most vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. However, any person at any age can slip, trip, or fall on public or private property. If an individual, business, or government entity failed to correct hazardous issues or adequately warn people of the danger until it could be repaired, they will be considered liable.

Slip and fall accidents often occur at stores, on sidewalks, in hotels, and on roadways. Weak handrails can cause a person to plummet down a set of stairs in an apartment building. These injuries can be incredibly serious and may even lead to death from traumatic brain injuries. You’ll most certainly want a premises liability lawyer in Manhattan to help you recover compensation to cover your expenses related to your injuries.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer When You’re Hurt?

Since there are so many types of personal injuries that you can incur through the negligence of another person, it only makes sense to hire a lawyer. If your injuries are serious, you will want someone who has a full understanding of the law and has represented others in similar situations.

Most people with personal injuries do not realize just how deep a financial rut they will be in if they do not fully recover the compensation they deserve until it’s sadly too late.