How to choose a reputable exhibition booth construction unit

exhibition booth construction unit

Exhibition design and construction services are increasingly popular and interested by businesses. Participating in trade shows as a form of advertising for businesses, exhibitors often target their target customers who are investors, distributors, agents and partners.

Current status of exhibition contractor services

Previously, the exhibition events were not really invested and cared for, because the previous businesses had not yet realized the benefits from the exhibition. Today’s society is more and more developed, along with that is the increasing trade fair market, attracting many businesses to attend, investors, potential customers from everywhere to the exhibition events. exhibition. Up to the present time, fairs and trade shows are more popular than in previous years.

exhibition booth construction unit


A large number of customers attended the exhibition at SECC.

To make a strong impression, capture the psychology and tastes of target customers when standing in front of hundreds of stalls with similar products, businesses displaying products need to ensure an impressive display booth image – professional – best investment.

After having obtained an exhibition booth designing satisfied, consistent with the products displayed and the brand image. Participants need to find an experienced exhibition construction team, both to ensure the safe construction process and to ensure the finished product is the same as the original design.

Going back many years ago, exhibition construction was a very difficult service to find a booth construction unit. Because at that time the Expo was something very professional, very difficult, not really popular yet. But up to now, we can easily search for unit Design exhibition booths on the internet, media or social networking sites.

The process of completing an exhibition booth

Exhibition booth design stage

First, you need to determine what exhibition you will participate in?

When and where does it take place?

exhibition booth construction unit


The schedule of the Vietbuild exhibition is posted on the exhibition website.

After determining the specific information, you need to search for the exhibition booth designer if you do not have a specific design.

Time to search for design units before the exhibition takes place is at least 1 and a half months.

exhibition booth construction unit


Easy to find design units on Google search engine.

Search for a design unit and receive exhibition booth design quotation as soon as possible, this helps you be more proactive in the design process and edit the design to best fit the criteria. In addition, when you get the design early, you will have more time to prepare for the construction of the exhibition booth so that it is most thorough and complete.

Exhibition booth construction stage

After having a complete design, it will be time to prepare for production for the booth. Usually, each design unit will have additional exhibition construction services. You can choose a design unit to do the exhibition construction for your booth, or design a company and re-construct in another company.

During the construction phase, after finalizing the design, the construction unit will receive the drawings and proceed to produce the necessary detailed materials for the booth. Currently on the market there are many construction units, but to choose an experienced and guaranteed construction unit, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Over 10 years of industry experience: Proving that this is a unit that has been operating for many years in the industry, has cooperated with many different businesses. The experience accumulated after each cooperation is the “trophy” that the business has, from which you can be confident that the quality of the booth they produce is safe or not?
  • Produced over 1000 booths: If it is an enterprise that produces so many exhibition booths, it is obvious that the prestige and professionalism of that unit is very high, the production quality is good, so it is chosen by many units.
  • Have a separate factory: As a basis for you to trust and choose, can monitor the stall production progress, implementation progress as well as transparent production process.

exhibition booth construction unit

The factory produces materials before putting them into construction.

  • Own construction team: Having their own construction team will be a plus point for the exhibition construction unit, because they can be proactive in coordinating human resources, avoiding cases where workers cannot be safely managed in all stages.

exhibition booth construction unit

The construction team is separate, easy to manage and recognize.

  • Especially do not produce cheap stalls: What are the quality problems of cheap customers? If you want to fix the paint color, you can’t fix it, but with Gia Long it is different, 100% customer support, extremely good after-sales professional sales team updates the status of the construction booth for customers regularly. So put the cheap price out of your head, if the cost is low, choose a standard stall, or a special booth with a smaller scale, simpler design.

A typical unit that can fully meet your standards in terms of exhibition booth design as well as exhibition booth contractor is Gia Long. This business has nearly 20 years of experience in designing and constructing booths, has produced more than 2000 exhibition booths across the country, has its own factory in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, and a team of separate construction. In addition, a plus point for Gia Long is that 100% free 3D design, no cheap booth construction, but free design for customers to choose a package design service here.

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