Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Business and Office Space


Your work life should ideally be organized in such a way that makes business easier for you. If you are someone whose work space is always cluttered or dirty, it’s no surprise that you may spend a lot of time feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and simply unproductive. 

In fact, the correlation between productivity and organization is quite clear. Many workers feel that they are able to work more efficiently when their work space is free from distractions such as clutter and junk. If you need a few pointers on how to get your office space looking and feeling great, read below to find some of the best strategies.

Move Excess Storage Offsite

With a self-storage unit, you can create more space in your office so that it is less cluttered with personal items, junk, or otherwise unnecessary belongings. Items that you don’t necessarily need, but aren’t willing to get rid of yet, can easily be packed away into a self-storage unit until you need them again. Make sure the self-storage unit that you choose is climate controlled, secure, and conveniently located so that you won’t need to go far to access your belongings.

Items such as paperwork, supplies, receipts, and seasonal décor from your workplace can go into self-storage instead of cluttering up your work space. This will give you more space at your desk, and allow you to create a minimalistic style where only the items that are relevant to your daily job are in close proximity.

Set Weekly Goals

Instead of tackling organizing and decluttering all at once, it may be better to take things slowly. Set aside some time weekly or daily to commit to cleaning goals. For example, you can clean your desk one week, and then work on organizing your files at another time. This is especially useful if you have a lot to clean or go through. It could be very overwhelming to do everything at once, so keep in mind that any small actions taken will help you reach your end goals.

Organize Mail as It Comes

Your mail can quickly become a source of clutter if you let it frequently pile up. This can also make it easy to misplace items and forget where you’ve left important notices. A good rule of thumb is to always organize your mail as soon as it arrives. Instead of letting it pile up, make the effort to put things where they need to go, or deal with mail as it comes to your desk. In the event that you do need to file something away for later, you can keep track of this by dedicating a bin or folder for such items.

Label Items Accordingly

When it comes to organizing, a label maker (or even hand-made labels) will certainly come in handy. This just makes it that much easier to separate boxes and find where you’ve put things. Use labels wisely so that your work space is efficient and makes sense to you.

Organize Your Computer Files

Often, people get so used to organizing physical clutter (such as garbage, mail, food, etc.) piling up on desks that they neglect to organize their computer files. Remember to also sort out your virtual workspace. Clean up any apps or files on your desktop, and delete documents that you don’t need to hold onto anymore. Go through emails, and create folders to organize what you need to keep. Though it might not seem like much and is often neglected, this act alone can make your work day more productive and efficient in the long run.

Maintain Your Space

Ultimately, maintenance is the key to ensuring that any space stays clean and clutter-free. If there is no maintenance or regular cleaning done, then any space will soon become chaotic and disorganized. Make it a habit to maintain your space regularly so that it never gets to where it needs a complete overhaul. Dedicate 15-20 minutes each day for maintenance, and your workspace should always look great!

Even though it may be difficult to start the decluttering process (especially if it’s something you’ve left on the backburner for a while), once you begin, you’ll feel much better than before. Some of the benefits of a more organized work space include increased productivity, better mental health, and an overall great looking office!

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