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With the price of commercial real estate at an all-time high, it can be tempting to look into unconventional options for your office or retail space. One of these options you may have come across in your search is business self-storage. While this allows you to store business inventory, documents, and other business-related items, you generally cannot use the space for an office or store set-up. It wouldn’t be an ideal use, as this is not the intended purpose of self-storage.

Also, an office or business set-up isn’t usually allowed at storage facilities, with parameters in place to ensure the space is used exclusively for storage. Alternatively, if you find yourself needing extra space for your business, then self-storage can certainly come in handy by saving you space and allowing you to move excess inventory offsite. Please continue reading if you are hoping to get the most out of your business storage.

Storing Inventory

A great use of self-storage is for keeping retail inventory or items that can take up space at a storefront. Instead of buying or renting out a more commercial space (which can be costly), you can opt for a storage unit that acts as a warehouse. Make sure that the storage facility you choose is conveniently located, and that there are safety and security measures in place to deter theft and burglary. This is especially important when you are storing inventory, which can be costly and hard to replace.

Saving Money

One of the greatest benefits of using self-storage is that it can save you and your business money, improving your bottom line. It is the less costly alternative to renting out more commercial retail space, and it has its additional perks as well. This is a great option if you are just in the early phase of starting your business or if you are looking to stay within budget. Ultimately, all businesses (and business owners) could benefit from a little extra cash flow.

Online Sellers

If you are an online-only retailer, you may have come across the benefits of self-storage before. Instead of storing your inventory at home, you can have a dedicated space for whatever items you are planning to sell. This can make it easier to separate your business from your personal life, and opens up room at home for your own items. A self-storage unit can also be a safer place to store inventory for your online business, especially if you are sharing home space with others such as renters or guests.

Artists and Gallery Owners

Another common way to use self-storage is for fine art and paintings that may not have a space elsewhere. Artists can gain peace of mind by keeping their precious canvas art and creations in a safe and secure offsite storage unit that they can access at any time. It can also serve as a neutral space to bring clients to show them your pieces before making the sale.

If you are storing antiques, valuables, and otherwise irreplaceable items, make sure that your storage unit is climate-controlled so that you don’t unnecessarily expose them to damaging conditions. Heat, humidity, and extreme cold can cause fragile items to break, tarnish, or become damaged quite easily. Paintings, statues, and other forms of fine art should thus always be kept in a climate-controlled environment.

Handyman Businesses

While there are many different types of businesses that can benefit from the use of a self-storage unit, a handyman business is particularly suited for self-storage as handymen usually have several tools that take up lots of space. Instead of piling these tools in your garage at home and taking up more space than necessary, renting a storage unit can give you an exclusive area for all your materials. It also ensures that children and pets can never be in close contact or access any of the tools that may pose a danger to them.

While you may not be able to set up an actual office or work area within your self-storage unit, there are other ways to optimize the space for the benefit of your business. Many business owners are coming to understand and appreciate the use of a self-storage unit for their inventory, regardless of the type of business. If you are just starting a business or looking for some extra commercial space, rest assured that there is an alternative storage solution for your needs.

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