Advantages of Using a Self-Storage Unit for Inventory Management


Are you a business owner or entrepreneur thinking of ways to reduce costs while efficiently organizing and managing your business inventory? For some businesses, this is an ongoing struggle. Rather than getting down in the dumps about inventory management, though, why not try a simpler solution? Self-storage for your business can save you money, time, and effort and can also be quite convenient.

There are a number of advantages to self-storage that you should definitely be considering when it comes to your business inventory. Read below to find out what these advantages are and how you can use self-storage to your benefit.


Rather than renting more retail commercial or warehousing space, self-storage can be a more affordable and budget-friendly option. This is especially relevant if your business is a start-up or in the early stages and you need to be mindful of every dollar. 

Self-storage can go a long way and be very cost-efficient compared to more traditional solutions. There are a variety of storage unit sizes that you can choose from as well, so you know you are getting the most out of your money.

Offsite Storage Location

Keep work and home life separate by storing your business inventory somewhere other than your closet, garage, or shed. While these can be good places to store your inventory temporarily, you could run into issues further down the road. 

Also, with your business taking up so much of your personal space, you may find it hard to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Opt to store your inventory offsite and breathe a sigh of relief that you can use your home strictly for the items that make up your personal life.

Safety and Security

Another benefit of self-storage is that it is much safer to store expensive items in these units than in your home. This is especially true if you are living with strangers or multiple people. Self-storage facilities are usually equipped with security cameras, alarms, and good lighting to deter theft in the first place. They also ensure that you are the only one who has access to your unit and put certain security measures in place to allow that. 

As a business, security should be a top priority. Using self-storage for your inventory gives you the peace of mind that your items will be safe and secure at all times.

Organization and Accessibility

With a self-storage unit for your business inventory, you can thoroughly organize the space and have full control over it. You can also declutter and organize your retail space more efficiently now that certain items can be moved offsite. 

Don’t forget to choose a storage facility that is conveniently located for you and your business, so that you can have the added benefit of easily accessing your items when needed.

Climate-Controlled Storage

One of the best things about our self-storage units here at Jiffy Self-Storage is that they are climate-controlled to protect all your belongings from the elements. Heat, moisture, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures can easily damage and destroy your items. Be proactive by using climate-controlled storage units that will preserve the longevity of your items. 

This is even more important when it comes to your business inventory, which would be costly and inconvenient to replace should something go wrong. Play it safe and choose climate-controlled storage for your business inventory.

Flexible Leasing

Last but not least, self-storage is a great option for businesses due to the flexible leasing commitments. You should never be pressured to keep your unit for longer than needed. However, you should always be welcome to stay for longer if your plans change. 

Your business may be growing and changing, and your storage unit lease should reflect that! At Jiffy Self-Storage, we offer monthly leases and we understand the need to be accommodating should circumstances change. Whether you need more storage later on or would like to stop using self-storage altogether, the choice is completely yours.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a self-storage unit for your inventory management and business purposes. Remember, self-storage has a variety of uses and is not just limited to storing old junk or unwanted items. Self-storage can keep costly inventory safe and free from dust, rodents, dirt, and external dangers. For even more reassurance, make sure you choose climate-controlled storage units.

For more information on business storage solutions in Toronto and the GTA, please call Jiffy Self-Storage at 416-74-JIFFY (54339) or contact us here. Our representatives would be happy to help you work out the best storage solutions for your budget and for your business. Contact us today for a consultation.

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