Who’s Who in Star Wars’ Imperial Inquisition


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The Ninth Sister, Masana Tide, was a burly Dowutan who survived not one, but two major brushes with ex-Jedi. First in the Darth Vader comic series second volume, Tide was part of a team of Inquisitors during the Imperial occupation of Mon Cala, hunting down a trove of Jedi acolytes hidden on the world. Surviving a surprise assault from a Jedi that used the Force to turn Clone Troopers on the Inquisitors—who are themselves, of course, largely made up for former Jedi—Tide lost a leg to a fellow Inquisitor hoping to use her as a distraction as he escaped.

Tide survived, only to lose another limb, this time her right hand, years later when she faced Jedi: Fallen Order’s Cal Kestis in a duel on the Wookiee homeworld, Kashyyyk. Unlucky! But she at least seemingly survived the encounter, even if we’ve yet to see her since.


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