Sam Raimi’s Horror and Fantasy Movies (So Far), Ranked


Ash, housewares, victorious at the end of Army of Darkness.

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Image: Universal Pictures

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arriving on Friday (read io9’s review here!), now’s the perfect time to revisit the uniquely weird and often gruesome filmography of director Sam Raimi—a horror icon who’s achieved blockbuster success while also retaining his cult-beloved status.

Today we’ll be ranking his genre films to date—his preferred turf, though he has made forays into other realms, including neo-noir (A Simple Plan), dark comedy (early entry Crimewave, written with the Coen Brothers; he also co-wrote the Coens’ The Hudsucker Proxy), Western (The Quick and the Dead), and Regrettable Kevin Costner Maudlin Baseball Drama (For the Love of the Game). He’s also had a hand in some of our favorite TV series, including Xena: Warrior Princess and Ash vs. Evil Dead. But today, it’s all about Raimi’s pre-Strange movies. Most of these are top-notch, so the ranking is really more of a formality, but without further ado…


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