Google is Working on Turning Your Smart Display Into a Wellness Hub


A photo of the second-gen Nest Hub

Would you use your Nest Hub as a central device for all your wellness metrics?
Image: Google

I’m not suggesting you display your health data for the entire household to see, but it is a new feature that you can turn on for your Google Nest Hub.

The ability was initially discovered by 9to5Google, which managed to locate a Google support page that walks you through setting up how to show sleep and activity metrics on a smart display or Google TV-enabled screen.

They’re called activity metrics, and you can turn them on by navigating to the Google Home app, then tapping on your profile photo at the top of the screen. From there, select Assistant settings > Wellness. Then, tap Activity and select which services to sync. You’ll also need to ensure that Proactive results are turned on for the device. Note that once the feature is toggled on, you risk others seeing the results when they pass by the smart display.

However, it doesn’t appear the feature has fully rolled out yet. Like 9to5Google, I am limited to only being able to connect and view data from a Calm account as part of my activity. I can also integrate sleep data from Fitbit or Google Fit, but it isn’t showing up on the display for me.

From details gleaned by 9to5Google, Google will likely show sleep metrics directly only on compatible Nest Hubs, like the second-generation one, which has Soli-powered sleep sensing integrated into a specific Wellness tab. My Lenovo 8-inch smart display does not have that tab available, and it’s unclear if other smart displays, like the third-party releases from Lenovo, will have the same abilities. It’s worth noting the support article is clearly categorized under “Google Nest Hub (2nd gen).”

As it stands, we’ve been hearing rumblings about what’s next for Google’s Nest Hub lineup. Previous reports have indicated a smart home hub of sorts is coming, though it will be more tablet-like in nature.

I’ve reached out to Google for clarification on the activity metrics and whether they’re available on third-party smart displays.


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