Frank Miller Announces FMP Comics Imprint, New Sin City Comics


A black-and-white photograph of comic book writer-artist Frank Miller.

Image: Joel Saget (Getty Images)

For decades, Frank Miller has made a name for himself with influential comic book stories for Marvel and DC, to say nothing of his own original work at independent publishers like Dark Horse. More recently, his and Tom Wheeler’s original graphic novel Cursed was adapted into a TV series for Netflix, along with continuing the world of The Dark Knight Returns that he and artist Klaus Janssen first began back in 1987. Like other comics creators before him, he’s now pivoted to starting his own comics company.

Miller and former DC head Dan DiDio are teaming up on a new company called Frank Miller Presents, with DiDio serving as publisher and Miller pulling double duty as both creator and curator of comics that fit the style and mold he’s well known for. In a statement, Miller stated that his new venture, which he’s said to have been quietly building for months, will be “a fertile ground for storytellers and new creations….Investing in artists and the future of comics has always been my one true passion and creative calling.” Two to four titles are expected to be published per year, with the aim being an equal mix of Miller classics and brand new works from other creators, be they fresh-faced newbies or veterans who are established in their own right. If you’re thinking that FMP may lead to some reprints of his back catalog but under his banner, no such luck: his previous work will remain with their respective publishers.

Speaking of those classics, FMP’s first pair will be two oldies, but goodies: a return to Sin City, the crime noir he first created in 1991 and later adapted into two films that he co-directed with Robert Rodriguez. Now set in the titular city’s past in the West, this new comic has been given the flashy title Sin City 1858. The second comic is another sequel: Ronin Book Two, a follow up to his sci-fi samurai miniseries from 1983 he created alongside colorist Lynn Varley and letterer John Costanza.

Meanwhile, the two wholly new works will be Pandora and Ancient Enemies. At this time, it’s unknown how much input Miller has on each of these books, and creative teams have yet to be revealed for any of them. Each book will release later this year on physical and digital markets.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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