Final Fantasy Characters I Would Much Rather Buy an $11,000 Statue of Than Terra


Square-Enix's Masterline 1/6 scale statue of Terra from Final Fantasy VI, atop her Magitek armor. It costs $11,000.

Hide your gil, folks, there’s a Thief in town and their name is Square-Enix.
Screenshot: Square-Enix

This week, Final Fantasy architect Square-Enix went absolutely bananas and thought that it’d be a great idea to sell a “Masterline” 1/6 scale statue of Final Fantasy VI’s protagonist, Terra Branford. Based on Yoshitaka Amano’s iconic artwork from the game, it depicts Terra in her Magitek mech suit from the RPG’s opening. But here’s the thing: It’s eleven thousand dollars.

It’s a gorgeous statue, developed by Prime 1 Studio—who do some very ridiculous statues of pop culture icons—don’t get me wrong, and it’s absolutely ginormous, clocking in at just over 30 inches tall and weighing 75 pounds. But who needs a statue that costs $11,000? Or up to nearly $14,000 depending on where you buy it from? Even Final Fantasy’s creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, called Square-Enix out for the absurdity of the price.

But dear reader, I would need an $11,000 Final Fantasy statue, if it was for basically anyone other than Terra Branford. I have many Final Fantasy faves, and alas to the VI fans, Terra is not particularly one of them. But here are some Final Fantasy icons that I’d be willing to spend an absurd amount of money on. Maybe not $11,000, sure, but still.


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