An Enormous Landfill Spontaneously Combusted in India


Fire officials look on.

Fire officials look on.
Photo: Manish Swarup (AP)

India has seen an incredibly intense beginning to its heatwave season this year, which begins in March and stretches until June or July. Last week, some regions saw temperatures as high as 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius), while ground temperatures hit 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius). The IPCC has found that extreme heatwaves are now much more common than they were a few decades ago, and severe heatwaves could become even more normal if we don’t curb warming. (Landfills like Bhalswa, by the way, are also a significant source of methane, an incredibly potent greenhouse gas that the world must begin cutting over the next decade to combat worst-case climate scenarios.)


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