You Don’t Need a Green Thumb to Play This Plant Puzzle Game


Prune, a unique and relaxing plant-themed puzzle game, is now available on Apple Arcade. Apple’s mobile gaming service has more than 200 games to play for $5 a month or $60 annually. New games, content and updates are added every week. 

Prune, created by Joel McDonald, is all about taking care of trees. Swipe up on the screen to start growing your tree. Shape and trim your tree by swiping across unruly branches. The goal of each level is to direct your tree out of the shadows and into sunlight. The longer you play, the more obstacles, shadows and other elements appear as you direct your tree towards the sunlight. 

Prune’s meditative, minimalistic gameplay mechanics are relaxing without scrimping on challenge. Even on trickier levels, the calming soundtrack and ambient sounds create a gentle space to keep trying. If you enjoyed games such as Patterned, Tint, the Monument Valley series and Eloh, you’ll have fun with Prune.

If you’re not an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can download the original award-winning game in the App Store for $5. 

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