Twitter Unveils 8-Bit Game to Explain Updated Privacy Policy


Twitter is rolling out its updated privacy policy, and to help people better understand the changes, it’s introduced a game. In Twitter Data Dash, unveiled Wednesday, players are invited to go on a pixelated adventure with a cute dog named Data.

The social media platform urges you to explore the Twitterverse by strolling to PrivaCity and avoiding its perils. After choosing a character, you (and Data) will have to avoid cat ads and nasty trolls and “swim through a sea” of direct messages. Once you collect enough bones, you’re able to level up. But the bones also offer lessons in Twitter’s privacy policy. For example, after you obtain them all for round one, you receive a message explaining how and why Twitter collects information. 

“We use information about what you do on Twitter — like profile activity and the Topics you follow — to customize your experience, including the ads you see,” it reads. The message also explains how “personal ads” that are enabled on your account affect what you see when you’re on or off the platform. 

Twitter on Wednesday said it “emphasized clear language and moved away from legal jargon” in its revamped privacy policy. People can look over the updated policies in Settings on the Twitter app or on the social network’s redesigned privacy policy site. 

Twitter’s privacy policy covers topics including what data it collects, how data is used and when data is shared, as well as ways for people to control their experience on the social network. 


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