SpaceX’s Starlink Adds Portability Mode for $25


Starlink, the satellite internet provider from SpaceX, now allows customers to move their internet service around the country for an additional $25 a month. Portability mode “enables users to temporarily move their Starlink to new locations in order to receive service anywhere within the same continent Starlink provides active coverage,” the company said on its website.

Starlink warns that customers operating from their service address will receive priority, which means customers using portability mode may experience slower than normal speeds or interrupted service away from their service address. Portability mode doesn’t let customers use the internet while they’re in motion, such as while driving down the road.

While portability mode allows users to move around the continent, if they operate their Starlink internet service for more than two months in a foreign country they’ll need to change service addresses. People who move permanently will still need to change their service address, too. Service is also limited to areas where Starlink’s service is active.

The $25 charge for portabiity mode is on top of the monthly service fee, which recently increased from $99 to $110. New customers will need also to pay a one time equipment fee of $599.


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