Snag 25% Off Fine Jewelry at Sterling Forever


Since graduation season is upon us, gifting a piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate a new grad. Right now, Sterling Forever is currently offering a 25% discount on fine jewelry through Sunday, May 15 with the promo code SFFINE25 to all shoppers.

Sterling Forever’s latest promotion is unique in that it’s only for fine jewelry. Budget and mid-range pieces are usually available, but this time you can get even higher quality jewelry for less than you would normally pay. All of the jewelry on sale is of the same quality you’d expect, but it doesn’t feature standard Sterling Forever color options. There are no sterling silver pieces in this collection, all of them are 14K gold. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind that this sale is likely best for people who look good in gold or prefers more simple jewelry.

There are a variety of pieces to choose from, including necklaces and earrings. With the 25% discount, the most affordable item on sale are a pair of 14K gold 15mm thin hoop earrings for $131. And this $176 14K Italian gold paperclip chain bracelet is the most budget-friendly option for a bracelet. There are even more expensive pieces available if you have a large budget, such as this 14K gold 4mm diamond studs for $2,269, but you will certainly find something cheaper during this event that won’t break the bank.


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