NordVPN Survey Highlights Differences in VPN Usage Patterns Between Users in Hong Kong and Taiwan


Public awareness of VPNs is high in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, but usage patterns differ in both regions, according to a recent survey conducted by NordVPN. The VPN provider found that just 22% of respondents in Hong Kong were unable to name a VPN brand, compared with 36% in Taiwan, based on research conducted between January 2021 and February 2022. 

However, while 41% of respondents in Taiwan said they use free VPNs mainly to access geographically restricted content, 39% and 38% of respondents in Hong Kong indicated they use VPNs primarily for security and privacy, respectively, according to a press release released Tuesday citing the research.

VPN use in Hong Kong surged in response to the national security law Mainland China imposed on the region in 2020, which accounts for why people in Hong Kong tend to prioritize security and privacy when using a VPN. Many VPN users in Taiwan, on the other hand, are interested in getting around regional blocks to access Japanese content like anime and online game releases, according to the release.


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