Nab a Billie Astrology Shave Set Subscription for $23


Hair removal methods like waxing and laser hair removal aren’t popular with everyone. When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, sometimes a razor is the best tool. If you prefer shaving your body hair, try Billie’s Astrology Shave subscription for just $23.

You can choose how often you receive the subscription-once a month, twice a month or every three months. With this kit, you get a razor, a magnetic holder, two replacement blades and an astrological sign-specific shaving cream. Since it’s early May, it’s Taurus season, so the shave cream is lavender and soft sandalwood. Gemini’s can expect ginger rose and jasmine. For those who prefer to adhere to their zodiac sign, there’s the option of picking a smell based on your sign, but you can choose whatever smell you’d like.

Although I haven’t tried the Astrology Shave Kit, I have tried Billie’s razor starter kit and its whipped shave cream. Both of these items perform well. Compared to some women’s razors sold in traditional retailers, this one provided a close shave and the shaving cream helped maintain my skin soft and protected during shaving. 

This is a fantastic kit to get if you want a fun style razor, however if you prefer straight razors, check Oui the People. It’s pricier, but it’s made for people who have ingrown hairs, razor burn and dry skin too.

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