Microsoft Edge Is Getting a Built-In VPN


Microsoft Edge browser will be getting a built-in virtual private network soon, as revealed on a Microsoft support page Thursday. To get your monthly 1-GB ration of free VPN service, though, you’ll have to sign into Edge with your Microsoft account. The VPN service, powered by Cloudflare, is part of a larger Microsoft security push and is currently still in development. The service has several privacy caveats, however. 

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Once you sign into your account in the Edge browser, Microsoft will then track your VPN usage across all of your synced devices to enforce its 1GB monthly limit. The company says it retains this bandwidth data for a month, after which the data is automatically deleted. Cloudflare, which will collect diagnostic information, has a policy of deleting that data every 25 hours.

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Microsoft’s new VPN teaser comes less than a week after Mullvad VPN called Apple’s Private Relay to the carpet for ignoring user’s firewall rules and appearing to leak user data. 


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