Mercedes-AMG and Collaborate on a Wild One-Off, the Will.i.amg


We are truly living in the collab era, where brands and personalities far and wide are partnering up for new takes on steady offerings. Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to this, having launched multiple collaborations with Virgil Abloh and plenty of others. The company’s latest pairing comes from the AMG side of the house, and while the celebrity partner is familiar, the resulting product is anything but.

Making its debut Thursday, the latest collaboration is the Will.i.amg, a play on the name of its inspiration, artist and entrepreneur, and AMG, the performance division of Mercedes-Benz. The one-off car is the result of a project Mercedes is calling The Flip, the heavy lifting done by West Coast Customs. This isn’t the first time and West Coast have worked together, the builders earlier crafting a custom Tesla, a wild Corvette and even a rebodied DeLorean.

This latest creation is based on a Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, now made into a literal coupe with only two doors. They’re hardly normal, though, opening from the rear in suicide fashion, which should make stepping in and out of the stark white interior a breeze. Those doors are far from the most radical departure from the Mercedes-AMG GT’s formerly sultry silhouette, however. That is of course the nose, blunt-force styling here borrowed from another Mercedes product, the G-Class. A pair of windows run lengthwise up the roof while suitably chunky monoblock wheels at each corner finish off the look.

Not a fan of the styling? Don’t sweat it; you’re unlikely to ever see it in person. However, it will be making the rounds this weekend as part of Mercedes-Benz’s festivities around the inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami. Most importantly, all proceeds from the publicity around it will be directed to the Foundation,’s charity focused on improving access to education for disadvantaged communities. 


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