Make Fitness Fun With $25 Off Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch


There’s no rule that says working out has to be miserable. Plenty of alternatives exist that are more fun than grinding on a treadmill, and they’re more affordable than a gym membership. If you’re a Nintendo Switch user, then Ring Fit Adventure is an entertaining and convenient way to work on your fitness at home. 

Right now at Amazon, you can grab the entire Ring Fit Adventure kit, which includes the game and accessories, on sale for just $55, which is $25 off from the usual price. There’s no set expiration on this offer, so it could “switch” off at any point. We’d recommend acting now if you’re hoping to grab one at this price.

According to CNET reviewer Bridget Carey, Ring Fit Adventure is more than just a fun idea — it’s actually a legitimate workout, too. The game itself is a multilevel adventure that requires you to perform real-world exercises to move, fight, heal and level up in the game. Jog in place to traverse the map, do shoulder presses to fight enemies and strike yoga poses to restore your health. The game tracks your movements and turns them into in-game actions using the included leg strap and Ring-Con controller, though you’ll still need a pair of regular Switch Joy-Cons (not included). There are tons of mini-games and customizable workout routines to choose from if you want more targeted exercises. 

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