LiveWire Debuts S2 Del Mar Electric Street Tracker Motorcycle With 100 Miles of Range


The LiveWire One is one of my favorites of the slowly growing pool of production electric motorcycles, but it’s not without its flaws. It’s a little heavy, and it’s more than a little expensive. That’s why LiveWire’s introduction Tuesday of its second model, the S2 Del Mar, is such a big deal.

The S2 Del Mar is a fully electric street tracker-style motorcycle with 80 horsepower and a targeted range of around 100 miles in the city. Those figures are down from the flagship LiveWire One, but that’s not necessarily bad. If you’re wondering what a “street tracker” is, it’s a road-legal motorcycle that borrows heavily from flat-track racing bikes. That means a wide, upright handlebar, small solo seat, low tank and large wheels. It’s a style of bike that I absolutely love, so to see LiveWire embracing it is awesome.

With its introduction on Tuesday, LiveWire opened up reservations for its 100 Launch Edition motorcycles, which sold out in 18 minutes at a cost of $17,699. The Launch Edition differs from the regular Del Mar in its unique wheel design and paint scheme. For the rest of us, the standard Del Mar will offer plenty to get stoked about, starting with its $15,000 price tag, which, while not exactly budget-friendly, is less than the LiveWire One by around $6,000.

The S2 Del Mar also features flat-track-appropriate 19-inch wheels front and rear to give it the right stance. Those wheels are wrapped in Dunlop DT1 tires similar to the rubber we had on our long-term Indian FTR1200. In that experience, I loved their look but found the stability on pavement a little lacking. We’ll be curious to see if and how they’ve been further developed for this bike. Also along for the ride are Brembo brakes, which are always nice to see.

The S2 Del Mar’d underpinnings use a new platform that LiveWire is calling Arrow. This encompasses a scalable battery, electric motor, charging system and software. It should make creating subsequent models in varying designs a lot easier, which means more electric motorcycles to choose from, which is a good thing.

The LiveWire S2 Del Mar is set to begin delivery in the spring of 2023, with all production being handled by parent company Harley-Davidson’s York, Pennsylvania, production facility.

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