Gourmet Dog Treats We’d Totally Sneak a Bite Of


Your furry friend deserves to be spoiled just like any loved one, and while a new bone or chew toy is nice, why not give them something as special as they are? There has been an entire culinary revolution when it comes to dog treats, and there are some truly gourmet options out there at the moment. Following the food trends from our own world, there’s a huge variety of appetizing options available, including bone broth treats, treats inspired by the Mediterranean diet and even treats that are getting in on the CBD craze.

So go ahead, spoil your pooch rotten with some of the best gourmet dog treats you can buy online, made with delicious and natural ingredients. They’ll love ya for it, even more than they already do.

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I don’t think I can wait until my dog’s birthday to try these fun, frosted, organic peanut butter biscuits.


Seriously, now I’m pissed. Dogs are out there getting bacon snickerdoodles? I don’t think these cookies even exist for humans yet, so I’m for sure taking a handful and running. But real talk, it’s hard to imagine a combination of flavors, including honey, cinnamon and bacon, that your dog would love more in a treat than this one.


In the dog days of summer, doesn’t your furriest buddy deserve a frosty treat too? These ice cream mixes are grain-free and made from a short list of pet-friendly ingredients, in flavors from peanut butter and dog-safe carob to watermelon and birthday cake. All you have to do is add water and freeze overnight.


Why not put Rosco on the Mediterranean diet? This unique and healthy gourmet dog treat is infused with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (from Crete, to be exact). Olive oil is known to have a myriad of health benefits for humans and dogs, including a richer, thicker coat of fur — and they taste great, too! Or so I’d imagine. What? Nothing to see here.


Bone broth is another human trend that seems to have crossed over to doggydom. Well, sort of. This isn’t bone broth per se, but the tasty wheat-free biscuits are made with simple, organic and locally sourced ingredients and carry some of the same properties and benefits of a hearty broth. (This company also offers an equally on-trend turmeric latte dog treat flavor.)


The CBD craze is not just for the two-legged among us. Owners of anxious animals often sing the praises of hemp extract (which won’t get you or your dog high) for soothing and calming those hyper puppies out there. Try these organic CBD dog treats with hemp and valerian to calm your fidgety fido.


I promise to do my best not to sneak a couple of these dog treats from Baxter made with all natural ingredients, but when I hear bacon and cheese in the same sentence it usually means I’m gonna eat whatever the thing is. These are some of the most well-reviewed dog treats on Amazon, and since dogs can’t really use computers I’m guessing I’m not the only person who’s had this thought.


Bacon never goes out of style — just ask any dog who has jumped higher than they ever thought they could to snag a piece off the kitchen counter. Now pups can have their own “human-grade” bacon, so everyone is happy.

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