Google I/O 2022 Live Blog: Follow the Announcements of Pixel 6A, Android 13, Pixel Watch and More


Google revealed Multisearch earlier this year. This allows you to take a photo, search with that photo and variate that search with text. For example, taking a photo of a red dress can bring up similar results, but you can add “green” to give results for that dress in a different hue. 

Well, Google is adding a “near me” function to help you take a photo and see if that item is available nearby. So, if you’re looking for a specific part when fixing a sink, you can take a photo of that part and see if it’s on sale near you. 


Multisearch Near Me


Scene exploration is a powerful new search tool. You can take a picture of a scene and get relevant information. For example, if you take a photo of a store shelf full of chocolate bars, you can pan your camera up to see which bars have the highest reviews, helping you pick the best one instantly, instead of searching for each of them individually. 


Scene Search with Multisearch


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