Get Cheap Flight Alerts With This $39 One Year Subscription


Finding good deals on airfare can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. TravelHacker will do the legwork for you, scouring flights until a relevant deal strikes, then sending the information to you so that you can book your flight. Save time and energy on your hunt and sign up for a one-year premium subscription to TravelHacker for just $39, an 84% savings. This offer is available now through May 18.  

TravelHacker monitors price drops around the world, then, based on your search criteria, alerts you through the app and provides you the details so you can book cheap flights to or from the destinations you select. You can create unlimited route and region alerts — just set your preferences and forget it until you get a notification.

On average, users save $200 to $500 per flight ticked booked. Once you receive an alert, you can then book through websites like Skyscanner, Kiwi or Google Flights. In addition to finding you the cheapest flights, TravelHacker also keeps you up-to-date on travel restrictions and reopening status in over 3,800 airports across 124 countries. 

If you travel often and would prefer to sign up for a lifetime subscription to TravelHacker, you can do that for $149. It is worth noting that some users experienced minor bugs when using the app, but most reviews indicated that the deals on airfare were solid. And at a price this low, it could be the right investment for the budget-conscious traveler. 


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