Brew a Single Cup or Whole Pot Easily With Hamilton Beach’s Discounted Coffee Maker


Coffee is a big part of millions of people’s morning routines, and going without it is something that just can’t happen. Some people like to savor just one cup on their morning commute, however, while others can down a whole pot without thinking twice about it. Instead of needing two different coffee makers to accommodate everyone’s preference, you should consider this Hamilton Beach coffee maker, which can brew both single servings and a whole pot.

Today only, Amazon has it on sale for $45, which is $30 less than it normally sells for. This discount is only on the black and stainless steel version of it. The all stainless option is still full price at $75.

With this coffee maker, you don’t need to buy any special pods or anything. Simply load in your favorite coffee grounds, water and you’re good to go. You can program it to begin brewing at a specific time so that you have fresh coffee in the kitchen when you wake up, and as a safety measure it will automatically turn itself off after two hours, just in case you happen to forget. There are three different strengths you can brew at, helping you dial in the perfect cup of coffee to start your day.

This deal is good for today only, so if you are in need of a new caffeine machine, you won’t want to wait too long.


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