Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom Platino Has Seats Made From Bamboo Fabric


Rolls-Royce just unveiled the facelifted Phantom Series II, which gets new styling features like disc-style wheels, an illuminated grille and sparkly headlights. The British brand took this opportunity to also reveal its latest one-off creation, which is named the Platino after its almost white finish of platinum metal.

The Platino’s exterior is finished in pure white paint with a single black pinstripe along the entire bodyside, and it wears Rolls’ awesome new 22-inch wheel design. That’s pretty much where the bespoke exterior touches end, as the Platino is all about its cabin. Rolls-Royce has been experimenting with fabrics and other leather alternatives since the 2015 Phantom Serenity, and the Platino uses a new type of fabric derived from bamboo fibers.

The clock’s ceramic surround is 3D printed.


The entire cabin is an almost grayish white color accented by hints of jade green, with the front seats upholstered in leather but the rear seats, door panels, armrests and other elements all using either the lustrous bamboo fabric or a more durable fabric (made in an Italian mill). Both fabrics feature a new embroidered pattern that’s an interpretation of the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, and it appears in different sizes all over the interior depending on which fabric it’s being used on — the bamboo material has larger graphics that are more spaced out and reminiscent of an old armchair, for instance.

The clock in the Platino’s dashboard has a 3D-printed ceramic surround that also features the Spirit of Ecstasy pattern, and the timepiece itself has an iced finish. The Platino’s starlight headliner is designed in a way that draws the viewer’s eye to the rear of the cabin, with its shooting stars following the arc of the design. 

This type of pattern work is something I haven’t seen from Rolls-Royce before, and while the all-white color scheme is a bit boring, the detail work is stunning.


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