April Fools’ Three-Button Keyboard Gets RGB Upgrades With Version 2.0


Do you love copying and pasting, but crave doing it stylishly? Programming resource site Stack Overflow has a new version of its three-button joke keyboard with better looks, key customizability and yes, RGB lighting.

On April Fools’ Day last year, Stack Overflow jokingly threatened that it would limit functionality unless its audience bought “The Key.” But the response was so positive that a real version went on sale in September, complete with three ivory-colored keys (for Ctrl, C and V) on a plain black plastic base for $29, with part of the proceeds going to Digitalundivided, a nonprofit dedicated to helping Black and Latina women succeed in tech entrepreneurship.

The new Key 2.0, designed by Cassidy Williams, has an opaque acrylic base, allowing the pair of built-in RGB LEDs to shine through with customizable settings for getting just the right hue to coordinate with the rest of your computer setup. You can also hot-swap out the keys, or even pull out the included Kailh Black Box switches without desoldering for a different clicky vibe.

The Key 2.0 costs the same $29 as the original, and proceeds still go to Digitalundivided. The product page notes that supply will be limited, but it’s not clear how few will be available — just that they’ll ship on June 30.


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